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Take Your Pet Along for the Ride.

Industry-leading, patented products that make travel secure and comfortable for every pet, on every trip, every day. Whether you’re taking a walk around the block, a trip across town or a flight around the world, Sherpa products let you and your pet travel with safety, comfort and peace of mind.

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Pet Carriers Perfect for Any Adventure

Sherpa pet carriers let your pet travel in safety and comfort. Our wide range of products blend innovative product design with high-quality materials and the most rigorous safety standards in the industry.

Convenient & Stylish: Pet Carriers for Around Town

Discover the perfect companionship for your urban lifestyle with our convenient and stylish pet carriers for around town errands. Designed to seamlessly blend into your daily routine, these carriers offer a safe and comfortable haven for your pet while you tackle errands around the city. With a sleek and stylish design, you’ll both be the talk of the town!

A Smooth Takeoff with Guaranteed On-Board®

Sherpa relieves the added anxiety of traveling by air with your pet. Guaranteed On-Board is the first and only program that guarantees your pet carrier is compliant with each airline’s specific rules and regulations for pet travel.

Our Product Categories

  • Carriers & Bags

    Whether your pet is traveling by car or plane, Sherpa is the industry standard for pet carriers. Designed with safety, durability, style and pet comfort in mind.

  • Auto Safety & Protection

    Crash-tested harnesses and carriers to keep pets and passengers safe on the road, and auto protection to cut down on the wear and tear that comes from having your pet along for the ride. Easy to install and durable enough for the long road.

  • Travel & Adventure

    Innovative products make it easy to bring your dog along for a day trip or a longer adventure away from home

Get Connected With Sherpa

What Makes Sherpa Different?

  • Our proprietary program that guarantees our pet carriers comply with each airline’s specific rules and regulations. A unique service designed to keep your pet safe and comfortable, while giving consumers one less thing to worry about as they take off.

    For more information or to submit a claim click here: Guaranteed on Board®

  • We stand behind our carriers and their quality, that is why all Sherpa Pet Carriers come with a limited 1-year warranty.

    For more information or to submit a claim click here: Sherpa® One-Year Limited Warranty

  • Our crash-tested carriers and harnesses are tested with a similar methodology as children’s car seats. Pets are traveling with their families more than ever, and Sherpa’s patented product design is focused on keeping everyone safe for the ride.

  • Stay Clean Technology™ carriers features coated straps, fabric and waterproof zippers to repel stains and water. Coated to easily wipe clean inside and out!

Highest safety standards in the industry

We value your pet’s safety and the safety of everyone around your pet. Yes, even the little ones running around grabbing everything in sight. That’s why we design our products to meet child safety standards and then test against those standards to ensure every product meets our rigorous requirements.

What We Require
Pull Testing:

All appendages, like ears and tails, must pass a 15-pound pull test to ensure they do not become a choking hazard.

Secure Battery Doors:

Battery doors accessible to pets require a tool to open because batteries can be harmful, even fatal, if swallowed.

Protected Electronic Modules:

Electronic modules in sewn-in toys require redundant protection because the batteries and electronic components can be harmful if swallowed.

What’s Not Allowed
Small Parts:

All accessible components must be larger than 1 3/4″ because small parts can be a choking hazard.

Sharp Points:

Wires, structural elements and zip ties must be trimmed or twisted, so there are no exposed sharp points.

Small Round Holes:

Holes and opening must be smaller than 1/4″ or larger than 1/2″ because round openings between these sizes can trap small fingers, possibly cutting off circulation.

Exposed Springs:

Spring coils must be covered because if exposed they can pinch skin and pull fur.

Long Strings or Elastic Cords:

All strings must be shorter than 11 3/4″ and all elastic cords must be shorter than 6″ because anything longer can be a strangulation hazard.

Large Openings:

Opening in toys must be smaller than 3 1/2″ or larger than 9″ because openings between these sizes can fit a pet’s or child’s head, and they could get stuck.


Magnets can be harmful, even deadly, if swallowed.

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