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The Leader in Cat Toys and Accessories

SmartyKat® leads the industry with our award-winning lineup of toys, beds, scratcher and catnip products. Innovation, safety and sustainability drive a design process that keeps one thing in mind: the needs of your cat.

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Our Product Categories

  • Catnip & Greens

    Grown on our own catnip farms and certified as USDA Organic, we deliver the purest and highest quality in the market.

  • Litter Accessories

    Litter mats and essential tools that help make clean-up a breeze.

  • Cat Toys

    An unrivaled assortment of the industry’s most innovative and fun collection of toys, with options for interaction, hunting, exercise or stimulation. Designed to meet any cat’s needs.

  • Scratch

    Our industry-leading selection of scratch products and solutions, all designed to give your cat a satisfying experience.

  • Litter

    Innovative solutions and clever designs make litter box maintenance a breeze for pet parents. Making it easy for the cat and keeping your home fresh.

  • Bedding

    Stylish and cozy solutions that let your cat rest and retreat, whether it’s another nap or the end of an active day.

SmartyKat scratch post

What Makes SmartyKat Different?

  • Our #1 commitment is safety. That’s why we design our products to meet child safety standards and then meticulously test to ensure each product meet our rigorous requirements.

  • SmartyKat has pioneered the use of recycled, reclaimed, organic and sustainable materials. And while we remain committed to what’s best for the planet, we’re still proud that we can create high quality, affordable and stylish products for cats and cat owners everywhere.

  • SmartyKat is known throughout the industry for superior product design and innovation, in addition to knowing how to craft dynamic merchandising solutions for retail partners. Our first-to-market product solutions set us apart, while creating value for our retailers and their customers.

  • Our goal is to make the most durable products in the world, and we back that up with a customer guarantee.

Highest safety standards in the industry

We value your pet’s safety and the safety of everyone around your pet. Yes, even the little ones running around grabbing everything in sight. That’s why we design our products to meet child safety standards and then test against those standards to ensure every product meets our rigorous requirements.

What We Require
Pull Testing:

All appendages, like ears and tails, must pass a 15-pound pull test to ensure they do not become a choking hazard.

Secure Battery Doors:

Battery doors accessible to pets require a tool to open because batteries can be harmful, even fatal, if swallowed.

Protected Electronic Modules:

Electronic modules in plush toys require redundant protection because batteries and components can be harmful if swallowed.

What’s Not Allowed
Small Parts:

All accessible components must be larger than 1 3/4″ because small parts can be a choking hazard.

Sharp Points:

Wires, structural elements and zip ties must be trimmed or twisted so there are no exposed sharp points.

Small Round Holes:

Holes and opening must be smaller than 1/4″ or larger than 1/2″ because round openings between these sizes can trap small fingers, possibly cutting off circulation.

Exposed Springs:

Spring coils must be covered because if exposed they can pinch skin and pull fur.

Long Strings or Elastic Cords:

All strings must be shorter than 11 3/4″ and all elastic cords must be shorter than 6″ because anything longer can be a strangulation hazard.

Large Openings:

Opening in toys must be smaller than 3 1/2″ or larger than 9″ because openings between these sizes can fit a pet’s or child’s head and they could get stuck.


Magnets can be harmful, even deadly, if swallowed.

Complete Needs System®

Simply put, we design our products based on the emotional, instinctual and physical needs of your cat. It guides the way we create products, and we prominently feature the system on our packaging to educate consumers so they’re confident they’ve made the right choice for their cat.

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