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Dorilton Capital Advisors, LLC (“Dorilton”), a leading family equity office, has made a majority investment in Hennigan Engineering Company, Inc. (“Hennigan”). Hennigan provides a diverse range of industrial cleaning services to the utility, nuclear, petrochemical, industrial and municipal industries across the United States. The company prides itself on providing innovative solutions and skilled personnel necessary to solve complex cleaning projects. Hennigan will be partnering closely with Dorilton’s existing industrial cleaning business, National Heat Exchange Cleaning Corporation.

Based in Hingham, Massachusetts, Hennigan was founded in 1967 and has been owned and operated by the Hennigan family since inception. The company utilizes custom-designed equipment to administer hydroblasting, tube cleaning, inspection and water intrusion services that prevent and alleviate issues at its clients’ facilities. Demonstrated ingenuity and the consistent quality of Hennigan’s work have cultivated a long-standing customer base that relies on the company to solve their most challenging jobs.

“Hennigan has earned a reputation for devising customized solutions to complex problems. We are excited about the differentiated services that Hennigan provides and their strong position in the marketplace,” said Dorilton CEO, Darren Fultz.

Tim Hennigan, the company’s CEO, has successfully expanded Hennigan’s geographic presence and added additional services to drive growth during his tenure. He and Randy Benefield, the company’s President, have overseen this period of impressive development and maintained focus on the quality and professionalism for which Hennigan has always been known.

“We at Hennigan Engineering are thrilled to have entered into a long-term partnership with Dorilton Capital. Dorilton’s broad suite of advisory capabilities, understanding of the industrial cleaning sector and patient approach to investing are a few of the reasons we have pursued the relationship,” said Mr. Hennigan. “We look forward to building upon our company’s rich history and continuing to grow our capabilities to better service clients.”